Feather Hair Extensions

Feather Hair Extensions

Feather Hair Extensions Seattle, Wa

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When the feather hair extensions craze emerged early 2011, I honestly was not a big fan of it. This style has taken me a little while to warm up to, but the more I see it, the more I LOVE it! The trend was in full swing by early June and now has swept across the entire nation. No one really knows who started the trend, but regardless America has embraced it. The feather trend crosses into all age groups and I”ve even seen them on DOGS!

Danica Daniel at DrJays.com tries to wrap up the style with “Bohemian chic but reminiscent of the 70s hipster vibe, feather hair extensions are a playful and noveau way to add length and a powerful pop of color to an otherwise drab head of hair.” I would say its Pocahontas meets boho chic and together they go to a punk rock concert!

With feather hair extensions you can choose bold, bright colors that are sure to ruffle some feathers in your circle of friends, or you can go with the natural colors that would suit a more formal occasion or lifestyle.  Carolann Joy Salon has only the finest, all-natural feathers. Feathers can be skinny or fat and come in all various colors, everything from hot pink, neon green, bright yellow to dark brown, taupe, blackjack online and solid white. We offer all different lengths to suit your hairstyle. In only a few weeks our first salon order of feathers is over half gone. With our second salon order we have an even larger selection of feathers to choose from. Yay! I”ll post a picture when we receive everything and get it organized!

Feather hair extensions last from 3-8 weeks and at Carolann Joy Salon we install feathers with Micro-beads instead of adhesive.  These are a special ring that is clamped shut securing your new feather to your hair. No damage is done whatsoever to your hair. You can treat the feathers just as you would your normal hair, wash them, blowdry, curl and even flat iron (but with this you should use caution and low temperatures).

How long do you think this fad will last? I feel that it will run its course through the end of the summer. I could be wrong though, the feathers are becoming harder and harder to find. Featherlocks, a popular extension supplier that even sells a version for dogs sells out everyday by mid morning. The harder it is to find something, the more in demand it is. The Feather Extension trend could pick up traction on the fall styles and run its course through the end of the year!

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