Winter Specials Day 1

Funny Story about day #1 of Winter Specials

At 12:20pm today the salon phone rang and a beautiful sounding woman named Hillary said she was referred to us by a friend and asked to book the “Out With The Old” Package from our Winter Specials Packages. I gladly got her on the schedule for 5:00pm today.

What felt like minutes later at, 12:45pm, I received an email from our website with a appointment request from Hillary for the “Out With The Old” Package with a note for desired time that read “After 4:00 PM; (any day of the week, Mon through Fri, is okay!)”. Also there was a note that she was referred by a friend.

8 minutes later I replied with:

“Hi Hillary,

Excited for you to come in to the salon today!… I have to ask who referred you pokies online off of Facebook so they can get their complimentary deep conditioner at their next appointment.


7 Minutes pass and I get this from Hillary:

“Hi Carolann,

By today do you mean 2/28/2011? The person who referred me is a coworker. She and her daughter recently came by for haircuts and she was very happy with the service. Her name is Jill B****.


(PS, if you are reading this.. Thanks Jill!)

5 Minutes later I respond:

“Yes I mean today 2/28/11 at 5:00pm… Will this work or would you like to come in another day and time?”

And finally 1 minute later Hillary says:


That works fine for me!

I will see you later today at 5:00 PM.

Thank you.


Can anyone guess what happens at 5pm?

Leave your guess on our Facebook Fan page here:

First person to guess what happened at 5pm wins a complimentary waxing at your next appointment for your eyebrows or any other unwanted hair on your mug!


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